After Sale

1. Product Inspection

(1) Product Receiving: First confirm whether the product packaging is complete, whether there is obvious deformation, whether there is moisture, if there is abnormal, reject.

(2) Inspection items: After product is signed and received, inspection shall be carried out in accordance with the following requirements

1) Inspection of catheter sheath: Inspection of quantity, appearance, inner packing, quality and attached documents of goods.

2) Fiber optic endoscopy inspection: check the quantity, appearance and quality of fibre optic endoscopy accessories, and at the same time visually check whether the imaging system of the fibre optic endoscopy is normal (the end of the fibre optic endoscopy objective is facing the brighter place, and the human eye is facing the end of the fibre optic endoscopy eyepiece to see whether the complete image can be seen).

(3) Fill in the inspection receipt: Fill in the inspection receipt faithfully within three working days from the date of receipt and scan it with signature and seal and send it back.

(4) Disposal of product problems when receiving inspection: When the product is found to be not in conformity with the contract, the Distributor shall notify our company to check it in time within three working days from the date of receipt, and fill in the inspection receipt. Our company will verify it according to the feedback in the inspection receipt. If it does not meet the requirements, we will check it according to the inspection. The contents of the receipt of return shall be dealt with as the quantity of return, exchange or replenishment.

2. Product training.

(1) Product introduction: Introduce the parameters, characteristics and characteristics of the product according to the products used in hospitals.

(2) Training on product assembly and cleaning, disinfection and sterilization: see product assembly/use manual

3. Return and Exchange of Products

(1) There is no quality problem in the product. No refund or exchange is provided.

(2) Return and exchange of goods with quality problems shall be handled according to the complaint handling process.

4. Product Maintenance

(1) Quality problems: return to the company's quality department for testing.

(2) Non-quality problems: return to our company for free testing, according to the test results to determine whether it can be maintained.

5. Complaint Handling and Feedback

(1) Complaints about product quality problems: when product quality problems arise, timely on-site photography and feedback to relevant departments after sale.

(2) Complaints about non-product quality problems: After receiving complaints, we understand the situation of complaints, and give corresponding solutions according to complaints and communicate with distributors.

For all post-sale services, please contact us at 027-59713306 (Monday to Friday: 8:30-17:30)