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Founded in 2002, Dinghui Investment is one of the largest alternative asset management institutions in China. As of December 2016, it has managed a capital scale of 120 billion yuan. Dinghui Investment, formerly the direct investment department of China International Finance Limited, was founded by Wu Shangzhi, Jiaozhen and other six founders, in conjunction with Singapore Government Direct Investment Limited, China Investment Guarantee Limited and Zurich Insurance Capital Group. Dinghui investment originated from private equity investment business. The vigorous development of private equity investment business has promoted the establishment of alternative asset management platform for Dinghui investment.

Dinghui Investment has six business sectors: private equity investment, innovation and growth, securities investment, real estate investment, sandwich investment and wealth management. The company has more than 100 professional investment managers. Dinghui has invested in more than 180 enterprises in succession, of which nearly 50 are listed at home and abroad, cultivating a number of industry leading brands. Dinghui invests in more than 500,000 employees, which is an important force in China's economic vitality.