AUA2023 American Urology Annual Meeting Briefing

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Youcare Tech | AUA2023 American Urology Annual Conference Briefing

Youcare Tech | AUA2023 American Urology Annual Conference Briefing

        With the task of understanding and display assigned by the management, Youkang foreign trade team won the booth at the last moment at the end of February 2023, and participated in the American Urology Annual Conference AUA2023 on April 28-30, 2023.

       In this AUA, according to domestic and foreign doctors who visited Youkang’s booth, there were few “new things” that caught people’s eyes. The number of Chinese companies participating in the exhibition has dropped to less than 15 compared with before the epidemic, basically focusing on urinary stones, and almost all of them focus on disposable flexible ureteroscopes. The 7.5F soft lens is highlighted almost uniformly.

       From the academic point of view of the meeting related to urinary calculi, ureteroscopy, disposable flexible ureteroscope, percutaneous nephroscopy, infection, ureteral repair (reconstruction), basic research, etc., are still hot spots, disposable flexible mirror, percutaneous The number of papers on nephroscopy decreased significantly compared to 2019. The number of ureteral repairs (reconstructions) has risen significantly. In general, the number of posters on urinary stones accounts for a large proportion, almost ranking first. However, the proportion of the overall number of papers is not as large as in 2019.

      The poster titled 'Removal of Small, Asymptomatic Kidney Stones and Incidence of Relapse' won the Best Poster Award, attracting many doctors to stop to read and take pictures. This article was published as an original article in the August 2022 issue of the top medical journal 'NEJM' (this article can be downloaded from the official website of 'NEJM' magazine The conclusion is that intraoperative removal of asymptomatic small stones in the ureter or kidney will reduce the stone recurrence rate by 82% and prolong the stone recurrence time by 75%.

        At this meeting, the attention paid to the intraoperative stone clearance rate of urinary calculi has been significantly improved.

        There has also been meaningful progress in basic research.

        Doctors and agents from various countries who came to Youkang's booth seemed to be consistently looking for cheaper disposable flexible ureteroscopes. But once they set their sights on VCC, which is about to obtain a certificate in China, they are almost unanimously impressed, and they pick it up to experience, understand, and inquire about prices. For the operation videos of Chinese doctors repeatedly played by Youkang, carefully watch, ask questions, understand the details of the operation and the instruments used, and give high attention and praise to the combination of Needle-perc® and visible sheath.

       Youkang's blood perfusion surgery learning system has aroused the interest of some doctors and conducted operation experience. Foreign doctors attach great importance to surgical simulation learning and training, which deserves great attention.

       After 3 years, the first AUA exhibition came to an end with a lot of harvest and more expectations for the coming year.