Preoperative product Q & A
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1. Host selection

(1) Our soft mirrors are well matched with most of the mainframes on the market;

(2) The wolf card host needs a special wolf brand light source adapter when connecting with our soft mirror;

(3) The aging of the light source and the outdated equipment will affect the imaging effect of our soft mirrors;

(4) Relatively speaking, the compatibility between our soft mirror and standard definition host is better, and the imaging effect is better. 2. Disinfection method

(1) low temperature plasma or ethylene oxide disinfection;

(2) When there is no low temperature plasma or ethylene oxide, it can be soaked with disinfectant, soaking time must be ≥6h;

(3) After determining a certain disinfection method, it is not recommended to replace other disinfection methods frequently in the later stage;

3. Use of the product

(1) Mainly used for ureteroscopy, holmium laser lithotripsy;

(2) Diagnosis of intrarenal lesions;

(3) Resection of renal cysts under B-ultrasound and percutaneous nephrolithotomy;

(4) treatment of renal calcinosis;

(5) Percutaneous nephrolithoscope with flexible front end can realize a hole clear stone for complex stones.