In January, 2010, YouCare was founded in Great Wall Innovation Tech Park, East Lake High-Tech Development Zone, Wuhan.  YouCare is the first company in the world which has developed the single-use rigiflex ureterorenoscope and puts it into production, and also the very first company in China which has developed and manufactured the single-use flexible ureteroscope. As an innovative enterprise, YouCare has the independent intellectual property right of urological endoscope system and achieved industrialization, thus breaking up the long-term monopoly of foreign companies in China’s high-end medical endoscope field. YouCare has devoted itself to becoming the leader in the self-owned-brand endoscope for minimally invasive surgeries.

YouCare has already got ISO 9001 quality management system certificate and CE mark with its 100,000 grade sterile clean workshop, standard lab and a full range of production testing instrument, and a quality system complying with GMP. Till January, 2023, YouCare has got 111 China patents, 4America patents 、 4 Japan patents、1 Europe patent and 1 Turkey patent。

Adhering to the development concept of “Doctor’s ideas, YouCare’s products”, YouCare has established cooperation relationship with the teaching hospitals of many famous universities and colleges such as Tongji Hospital, actively transforming clinical experts’ wishes and needs for improving minimally invasive and non-invasive surgeries into real high-tech products, significantly improving the optical performance, maneuverability and ease of operation, thus becoming very popular among doctors. In this way, YouCare has completely changed the situation where imported medical devices have long been used in the minimally invasive surgeries in urological department, and made a great contribution to the application of domestic high-end endoscope products 

YouCare products not only enjoy great popularity among urologists in China, but also draw much attention from foreign medical experts and international medical device companies in international academic exchanges.