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The cases are from the Affiliated Hospital of Jinggangshan University

Surgical team Xiao Wenxing chief physician, Zeng Xianyou deputy chief physician, Zeng Xianquan Gepei doctor

Case introduction

Patient information: 60-year-old male patient

Chief complaint: Physical examination found double kidney stones more than half a month

Previous history: Denied history of hypertension, diabetes and coronary heart disease

Preoperative diagnosis: Color ultrasound and CT diagnosis of double kidney stones with hydronephrosis

Stone condition: The size of the stone on the right side is about 6.0cmX4.0cm

Preperative test results: routine hematuria, coagulation function, liver and kidney function were asically normal

Comparison of KUB before and after operation

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Operation method: right single channel percutaneous nephroscopic holmium laser lithotripsy + needle channel lithotripsy

Surgical equipment: Needle-perc®

Lithotripsy equipment: 200um medical holmium laser

Energy setting: 1.0J✘20Hz

Operative photograph

 手术病例分享 | 井冈山大学附属医院Needle-perc®手术病例分享

Preoperative and postoperative CT comparison

Comments by Director Xiao Wenxing

In this case, the cast stone of the right kidney was completely removed by needle visual nephroscope assisted single channel percutaneous nephrolithotomy, indicating that needle visual nephroscope has great advantages in the treatment of complex kidney stones. By using a needle-like visual nephroscope with a diameter of only 1.4 mm, precise puncture into the puncture channel parallel calyx, the parallel calyx stone was disaggregated and flushed into the renal pelvis using holmium laser, and then the stone was removed through the percutaneous nephroscopic channel. This technique can reduce the number of percutaneous renal channels, reduce the risk of renal bleeding, improve stone clearance and surgical safety.

Doctor profile

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Xiao Wenxing

Chief physician

Graduated from the Department of Clinical Medicine of Jiangxi Medical College in 1988, majoring in clinical medicine, engaged in urology for 30 years, chief physician, director of the urology Department of the Affiliated Hospital of Jinggangshan University, member of the Urology Branch of Jiangxi Medical Association, member of the Andrology branch of Jiangxi Medical Association, and deputy chairman of the Urology Professional Committee of Ji 'an City. Members of the Standing Committee of Urology Branch of Jiangxi Provincial Health Care Society, Members of the Standing Committee of Urology Branch of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, Members of the Standing Committee of Andrology Branch of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine. I have my own opinion on urology and andrology. It can solve the complicated and complicated diseases in urology and andrology by means of open surgery and minimally invasive surgery.

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Zeng Xianyou

Deputy chief physician 

Master of Medicine, deputy director and deputy chief physician of the Department of Urology, Affiliated Hospital of Jinggangshan University, published 2 SCI papers and 5 Chinese journal papers as the first author, presided over 1 project of Jiangxi Provincial Health Committee, 1 project of Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and 2 projects of Ji 'an Science and Technology Bureau. He has rich clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tumors, prostate diseases and urinary stones. He is good at prostate puncture biopsy, transurethral anatomic prostate enucleation, various kinds of laparoscopic surgery, micro-channel percutaneous nephrolithotripsy and soft ureteroscopic laser lithotripsy.