Hundred Deans Walk into Guanggu Biological City
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On the morning of September 5, the Wuhan Municipal People's Government successfully held a docking event for 100 presidents to enter Guanggu Biological City. Participants in this event are: the leaders of the municipal government, the municipal development and reform commission, the Municipal Economic and credit commission, the Municipal Science and technology bureau, the municipal finance bureau, the municipal people's social bureau, the municipal health planning commission, the Municipal Food and Drug Administration bureau, the municipal public resources trading center, the head of the administrative committee of the East Lake Development Zone, the Tongji Hospital, the Union Medical College Hospital and the People's Hospital of Hubei Province, etc. Head of Home Hospital.

Wuhan Youkang Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the event as a key medical device innovation enterprise in Donghu Development Zone. Longgang, chairman and general manager of Youkang Science and Technology, gave a passionate speech on product promotion at the meeting. The atmosphere was warm. The leaders of participating hospitals agreed with the innovative concept of Youkang Science and Technology.




Youkang Science and Technology Product Promotion Speech

The docking activity of 100 deans entering Guanggu Biological City is an interactive activity of Wuhan Municipal People's Government to promote the local first use of medical devices, consumables and medicines and promote the development of local medical equipment enterprises. As an innovative technology enterprise combining industry, education and research, Wuhan Youkang Science and Technology Co., Ltd. will base itself on the local, the world and the future under the strong support and leadership of the municipal government.