A new force for stone removal | Needle-perc®—the gospel for children with kidney stones
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In recent years, the incidence of kidney stones in children is on the rise, and the prevention and treatment of kidney stones in children has gradually become a concern of urology. With the continuous innovation of medical instruments and the perfect combination of clinical medicine, a new operation - Needle nephrolithotomy (Needle perc®) came into being, bringing good news for children with upper urinary tract stones.

Needle perc® is the thinnest visual nephroscope with a diameter of 4.2F outside the needle body and a working channel of 3.6F. It has the advantages of simple operation, less trauma, less bleeding, high efficiency, fast recovery and fewer complications. For children with kidney stones, due to the soft texture and high requirements for kidney protection, Needle perc® lithotripsy is used, without the need to expand the channel, only small needle eyes can be seen in the skin after surgery, and there is no need to indentation fistula after powder lithotripsy, which greatly reduces kidney damage and alleviates the postoperative pain of children.

排石新势力 | 针状肾镜(Needle-perc®)——小儿肾结石患者的福音

Professor Dong Liu of Xinjiang Children's Hospital performed Needle perc® lithotripsy on a 2-year-old child with complex kidney stones

排石新势力 | 针状肾镜(Needle-perc®)——小儿肾结石患者的福音

Professor Zhong Li of Shanghai Children's Medical Center, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, performed Needle perc® lithotripsis on a 3-year-old child

排石新势力 | 针状肾镜(Needle-perc®)——小儿肾结石患者的福音

Professor Dorji Tashi of Lhasa Municipal People's Hospital performed Needle perc® lithotripsy on a 1-year-old Tibetan child

       The preoperative evaluation, surgical indications and operation of PNL in children are similar to those in adults, and the complication rate is about 20%. Compared with adults, children's kidney volume, stone load and collection system space are smaller, which is more suitable for small-channel PNL. Needle-shaped nephroscopy for the management of 10-20mm kidney stones in children has a SFR similar to that of mini-PNL and is less invasive. In addition, with the reduction of operation channels, the feasibility of tubeless is higher, which can help shorten the length of hospital stay and control postoperative pain.